Today I became spokesperson for Education, Industrial Relations and Health. I am really looking forward to the new challenge. That said, having contested three elections (one federal and two state) it’s been important to keep abreast of these issues.


Health is going to continue to be a topical issue in Queensland – and no doubt federally as well.

The area of mental health is also an important focus area for me considering the industry I work in. Demand for mental health services in the community is becoming increasingly important and therefore needs appropriate government attention and funding.

Obesity and childhood obesity is a popular issue discussed in the media. Greens policy highlights the important of community wellbeing and a balanced and healthy lifestyle that is not dominated by work and cars. An active healthy lifestyle has become central to my lifestyle, seeing me recently shed 20kg (I think I’ve kept most of it off!).

Women’s health – for example the issue of abortions still being illegal in Qld and unrealistic media images of celebrities – is a passion of mine.

Industrial Relations:

Working families deserve a fair go.

I believe the state and federal Labor leaders are representing their union supporters in an appalling fashion and I feel that it’s my role to show leadership locally and opposition federally to argue against continuing workplace reforms.


Having been educated through the public schooling system, I am confident of the public system’s abilities to provide quality education given the appropriate funding.

My father – a retired high school principal – was well known within Education Queensland for being a vocal proponent (show off!) of the strengths of public education.

I have a long history of published letters to the editor in the area of public schooling, university fee reforms and the important of childcare support for working mothers. My first published letter was when I was 17.

I’m really looking forward to representing the Queensland Greens and the views of those whose voices aren’t often heard in the community.

Please feel free to call me anytime on 0418 786 986 or e-mail me on if you have a burning issue you’d like to discuss. I am here to listen to your community concerns.

I’m also available to speak at public forums, rallies and other relevant events! Contact me today!

If you’re a journalist, please call me anytime as well. I’m incredibly photogenic. 🙂

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