Today Australian Greens convenor Juanita Wheeler welcomed delegates from all state and territories around Australia to The Greens National Conference in Adelaide.

Discussions and workshops featured intelligent exchanging of ideas and lively debate.

The conference is being held at a swanky sports and recreational centre. I liken it to a Beverley Hills Country Club. Very plush surroundings. My orange juice in the morning cost $6. Sure, it was freshly squeezed and delicious but – um – ouch! It did hurt my hip pocket.

Enjoyed Adelaide nightlife including a delicious pasta meal and a lovely bottle of my favourite wine – Wynns Coonawarra Shiraz.

Reclaim The Night March was on tonight. I reckon the women must’ve got a hellava shock when a group of about 20 people suddenly stopped on the side of the road and started clapping them. I guess is may’ve made sense if they spotted Senator Kerry Nettle in our crowd.

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