A great day. Held the Qld Greens AGM in the afternoon. Stood down as Deputy Convenor and Acting Secretary. Sweet relief!

We enjoyed an amazing lunch and freshly roasted and ground coffee courtesy of an Eritrean catering group. The group of women are refugees – new Australians looking at making a go of it supporting themselves and their families. Absolutely delicious, healthy meal and friendly service. I highly recommend them.

The Eritrean Women and Families Support Network is a group of 25 refugee women with their families from Eritrea in North East Africa. They serve traditional Eritrean and African food and coffee. They use fresh and fat-free products in preparation of the food, and the business is licensed and registered.

Contact Saba Abraham or Saba Mesghun on 0401 222 311 or 3892 7558 or 0405 183 401 or e-mail yirgha26@yahoo.com.au.

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