Today was a good day.

Joined in the handshake queue at the Belmont booth with Labor’s heavies on my right and Liberal’s heavies on my left. To my right was Chris Bombolas, Kevin Rudd and Terry McInroth. To my left was Michael Caltabiano and Lord Mayor Campbell Newman.

I positioned myself in the middle. 🙂

It reminded me of the front page of this week’s South East Advertiser in which Chris and Michael’s head appeared as large as life. I envisaged a photo of myself photoshopped onto the front – a mini woman leaping out of the bottom of the page trying to attract the public’s attention.

As long as the media present state campaigns as a two-person race, there’s really no hope of the constituents getting to know Greens candidates better. Some Greens voters say things like “I didn’t even know that you were running” or “You’re not running a good campaign if you can’t even get in the local paper”. Sadly, I send off media releases, but they’re not picked up. And we don’t have funding dollars from major corporates to sponsor letterbox drops, so local media is really our only hope. Anyway, I’ll quit my whining…

I enjoyed my time at Gumdale. I received some positive feedback from locals and a resident who was truly grateful that I was running.

Met Ross Vasta on the campaign trail who I ran against in the federal election for the seat of Bonner (which he won). Also met Councillor John Campbell and state member for Bulimba Pat Purcell.

The Queensland Greens increased the statewide vote to average 9% in the seats we ran in. That’s a solid achievement. If proportional representation existed, Greens voters would definately have had a voice in parliament. Alas, unlike many other states, we don’t – so it’s another term with the majors serving us (or not, as the case may be).

Election after-party was good fun. Thanked all the amazing volunteers at Ahimsa House.

Thanks to everyone who helped out with my campaign: leafleting, putting signs in their front yards and handing out HTVs. A big thanks to my campaign manager, Paul, who was a trooper for 3 weeks, staying up as late as me and getting up just as early.

And thanks for Greens voters in Chatsworth for supporting me and The Greens. It means a lot.

Thank you thank you thank you!

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