Elissa Jenkins

I am honoured to provide the Chatsworth community with the opportunity to elect a state representative who is enthusiastic about seeing social and environmental transformation begin at the local level.

Employed full-time as a public relations and fundraising executive for a prominent charity and part-time as a university tutor, I am an ambitious, yet compassionate professional woman who plays an active role in the community.

I have run twice for public office in the last two years – including the Chatsworth by-election – and have now been selected by The Greens to again contest the influential, high-profile seat of Chatsworth.

I feel it is my role to help make a difference and to ensure the voice of those with a social, economic and environmental conscience is being heard.

Too often, o�nly those with money and power are given a voice in Queensland. Voting for a representative with emotional intelligence, strong family values and who has been actively engaged in the community provides an ideal opportunity for oft-ignored voices to be heard. To send a message to both major parties, be courageous and vote 1 Greens.

Vote 1 Greens in Chatsworth to:

1. Experience compassionate yet confident leadership that provides real community consultation to local residents and the business community to encourage participation, foster community spirit and produce the best, most authentic results for those from all walks of life.

2. Halt unsustainable development and move the community�s current housing stock toward sustainability, encourage the innovative design of new sustainable homes, and advocate the widespread use of rainwater tanks and other water-saving devices.

3. Create an effective transport system locally and throughout Queensland that focuses more on providing efficient, effective public transport options for commuters and focuses less on the car.

Aged 30, I am a single woman who juggles personal, professional and political commitments. I enjoy spending time with my wide circle of friends, my close, supportive family and my beloved dog and cat.

I am:
– Deputy Convenor of the Queensland Greens.
– Convenor of the Queensland Greens Human Rights Working Group.
– Member of Refugee Action Collective Queensland.
– Member of Australian Marine Conservation Society.
– Member of a new organising committee that has been established to develop an environmental centre at Manly to educate the public about our beautiful Moreton Bay.

*Written and authorised by Elissa Jenkins, 26 Horan Street, West End, QLD 4101

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