This morning at 8am I joined with a group of peace activists to be part of an action outside Australian Federal Police headquarters. I was delighted with the organised, non-violent action. It was a beautiful thing.

About 40 of us walked single file from Cathedral Square to AFP HQ and then lined up outside the building. We donned large white gags with “ASIO” written across the front. We stayed gagged and silent. A couple of people tried to enter the AFP building to surrender themselves to police for “being a peace activist” and therefore a “threat to national security” to highlight the treatment of US peace activist Scott Parkin.

Detained without charge – with no explanation given to the public – Scott is set to be deported. Top secret apparently.

I wonder if we’ll ever find out why he’s being deported. As peace activists, surely we deserve to know so that we don’t do the same sorts of things as he has done. Surely if his actions deserve a deportation order, then the actions of Australian peace protesters may deserve similarly harsh punishment.

It’s utterly ridiculous yet incredibly scary.

The more the government tries to silence dissent, the louder I like to shout.


2 thoughts on “I am a peace activist – deport me too

  1. Haven’t seen you in a while Elissa, but I can’t help but be really impressed by what you’re doing. Next election will be my first vote as an Aussie citizen, so I’m getting up to date on politics. Environment is #1 priority for me. Good on you!

  2. Thanks heaps Lotte. Nice to hear from you and I appreciate your encouragement. Very cool that you’re interested in an educated vote. If you ever have any questions, please do ask. Be well, Elissa.

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