Tonight I attended a screening at the Metro of an SBS documentary ‘Tales From a Suitcase’. The evening was put on by Refugee Action Collective to raise money for the Baxter 05 convergence in March.

We watched three of the seven episodes and, my oh my, they were so educational. I highly recommend finding a copy of the series as it’s what I consider ‘must see’ viewing. It’s about the experience of Afghan refugees in Australia. I especially enjoyed learning more about Afghan women and their decision to wear or not wear a hijab.

I arrived at 6pm as I’m part of RAC’s media group for Baxter. It was a fair effort to get there early because I would’ve preferred to have found some time to have a bite to eat at home. I made it there though because, what I find inspiring about RAC, is that even people not going on the bus are putting in an amazing amount of work. The RAC team are really inspiring. I’m so impressed with their dedication and productivity. It’s great to be part of that type of activism so it’s a pleasure helping them out – something I’ve been keen to do for a while now but never made that move.

The more I learn about this issue, the more passionate I get about helping in whatever way I can.

Helped pack up afterwards because there was a heap of stuff to get organised. Got home pretty late as a result. Worth it.

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