Oh gawd it took all the energy I could muster to get to the Baxter meeting tonight, but once I was there it was really good. Got lots done as per usual. Two more people came along to suss out whether they’re keen to get on the bus. Aside from money problems, I think they’re enthusiastic enough to russle up a solution.

Something I’ve discovered lately is that student union folk impress me a lot. While the Federal Government are presently fighting to get rid of the unions, I discover how wonderful they are. When I was at university I had no idea at all. These amazing students, on top of their normal workload, work so hard behind the scenes respresenting the best interests of students. Now the Howard government wants to get rid of them altogether. It makes me sick to the stomach.

These student union folk are community leaders of the future. That’s why the government is shaking in their boots. God forbid some university graduates learn about society and politics rather than just maths and bloody business. Australia might become a fair nation again!! And the powermongers can’t have that!!!

Peace and the best of luck to you my student friends.

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