Being that today is my birthday I tried my hardest to find something else to do besides go to the RAC video screening of Woomera 2002. However, with my family all busy, with my friends all waiting until Friday to hang out with me and without any hot dates, attending an activist function was the best offer I had. How very sad.

And a sad night it was. But inspiring.

Woomera showed how successful civil disobedience can be. It brought the plight of asylum seekers to the nation. I thank all who were instrumental in the act of breaking down the fences. I’m not certain if I could find the courage to do such a thing, so I appreciate those who did.

My new friend Bronwen gave me a book about Ghandi as a birthday gift. How very special and how very apt as he eptimises civil disobedience that is peaceful and non-violent – something that’s close to my heart.

Thanks Bron for helping me make sense of my 29th birthday. xx

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