Elissa in the rainRain, rain go away come again another day.

That old adage entered my thoughts yesterday (Saturday) as I was very keen to set up a stall on the foreshore at Wynnum.

It had been a crazy morning. Up at 5.45am to get things organised and at Wynnum by 8am for puppy school.

After puppy school Pacey (my 7 month old black labrador) and I were driving home along Wynnum Road. We were on our way to pick up some citronella as I was told it would help him to stop biting me, but Pacey’s patience got the better of him and he started nibbling on my elbow while I was driving. Now this was not a safe situation to be in so I quickly pulled over to settle him down.

As I pulled over I saw the signs – the Labor party campaign signs that is – and a group of blokes standing by the signs. Great. I had pulled up straight out the front of a Labor street stall.

Now, anyone who has had to train a big crazy puppy will understand my frustrations. This was meant to be a private moment between me and my dog. Unfortunately, because I have a sign on the back of my car that clearly states who I am, there was no escaping sight unseen. So I got out and introduced myself to the group.

Among them was Labor candidate for Bonner, Con Sciacca and Cr John Campbell. Had a quick chat to Con before piling into my car and driving straight to Bunnings to pick up some citronella!!

A main road presence with signs is a great way to attract the attention of hundreds of passers by and highlight to many members of an electorate that you’re ‘there’ to talk to. I may even do a few myself. That said, it’s a rather superficial activity. I prefer the idea of one-on-one interaction where I can ask people questions. I hate the idea of someone having to come to me if they want to talk. I’d much rather go to them.

And that was my plan for Saturday – to set up a stall at Wynnum to meet the locals!

I met at the home of my campaign manager Jeff and we set off to find a good place to set up. We thought about setting up out the front of Con Sciacca’s campaign office (ahh the luxury to have such an office!), but in the end we decided on the foreshore.

We piled out of the car and, half way through setting up, the rain came. And it poured! Being that our street stall was full of paperwork that would immediately get ruined, personal propriety had to go by the wayside. We fumbled everything together and raced back to the car.

Being that I have a personal campaign budget of $O (give or take), it’s amazing the effort us Greens put into the whole thing.

My cries of ‘rain rain go away’ weren’t heard, but Jeff’s prayers were. Jeff, who lives in Brisbane’s first sustainable-style home, relies on rainwater to fill up his tank. After many, many weeks without a drop of rain, I guess I was happy for him!

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