B4C pick up National River prize!

Tonight I attended a meeting of B4C. Bulimba Creek Catchment Co-ordinating Committee. It’s the first meeting I’ve been to and there were a TON of people there. I was very impressed. Lots of bushcare and rivercare groups doing fantastic work on the ground in their local areas. Really inspiring. Congratulations to B4C for winning the…

Admin *snore*

Popped into the Qld Greens head office today to do about 4 hours of work. Sucker for punishment I say!!! Oh no, I jest. It’s good to be able to go in there and focus solely on Greens work rather than doing it from home. http://e-finance.com.ua http://www.nikolasgeekfinder.wordpress.com

Qld Greens Treasurer Ill

Argh. Found out today that the reason our new treasurer, Ian Latto, didn’t turn up to the management committee meeting on Monday night is because he suffered a heart attack of some description that afternoon, collapsing off his bicycle. He then had to undergo surgery. Apparently he’s in a critical but stable condition, but unconscious….

A night off

Tonight I really wanted to attend a Refugee Action Collective meeting, but I just had to make the decision to do something else for me. It’s a work/politics/play balance thing. Gotta learn to juggle all three balls. It’s a challenge! It’s daunting to start the week knowing that you have a function to attend every…

New beginnings for Qld Greens

Tonight I attended my first Queensland Greens Management Committee meeting along with all other newly elected members. Howard Nielsen remains convenor for a second year. I have an enormous amount of respect for Howard and I look forward to working with him. Drew Hutton has joined as a general member. His experience in campaigning and…