Fundraisers can often feel like the world’s loneliest people. That feeling like no-one’s going to want to hear from you. That no-one’s going to care. That no-one realises the value of what you’re trying to achieve. It’s a dark place.

But then you ask someone for their support and it all changes. They say yes. Your eyes sparkle. Your heart sings. There’s sunshine, rainbows and lollipops! And you end up finding love in the strangest of places!!!

Because when you ask, people give.

People give.

I have raised $1 million in a week (250K in 24 hrs) for Lifeline/UnitingCare in Queensland. And popped a bottle of bubbles.

I have raised $115 in 5 minutes for the Migori Health and Rights Network in Kenya. And performed a happy dance.

Like a drug I can’t get enough of, when it comes to fundraising, I’m unstoppable. Nothing can curb my enthusiasm.

Many people, from those raising a little to those raising a lot, come to me for advice on the who, what, when, where, why and how of fundraising.

You can too.

It’s my gift. My gift to you.

If you work or volunteer for a non-profit organisation, I can provide pro bono advice in the areas of media, marketing, communications and fundraising for up to 2 hours. I will strategise with board directors, CEOs and Marketing/Communications/Fundraising Managers. I am happy to visit your office, your board room or your local coffee shop!

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