Learning new things … like what an allen key screw looks like

My handle and throttle is fixed!

I rang Electro Bikes and the fella there talked it through with me over the phone (which is wonderful because I now don’t have to go in there so I’ve just salvaged 2 hours of my day!).

When checking out the handle, I thought there might have been a screw missing, but the screw didn’t lead anywhere so figured it was irrelevant.

Turns out that an allen key screw actually looks like a hole where a screw should go. But no! It’s an allen key screw! So I was able to get my allen keys, find the right size and fix it!


It was a little bit easy and made me feel a little bit dumb, but hey – that’s what learning new things is all about right? Practical things anyway. Learning theoretical things makes me feel smart. Learning practical things make me feel a little bit silly. This makes no sense whatsoever given how useful practical knowledge is. Woe is my brain.

I’m definitely an experiential learner, that’s for sure. I’ve known that for quite some time.

Now to just figure out how to tighten the brake…

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