I couldn’t carry all this on a normal bike!

Last night I rode home from work via the shops with this massive load. Some was in the pannier bags, some jockey strapped to the back and some in a backpack on my back. Here’s the list:

– Laptop and cord
– 900 page directory
– 2 bottles of wine
– bag of clothes and toiletries
– bag of groceries
– handbag
– jumper
– raincoat
– tools
– 2 bike chains

I couldn’t carry all this on a normal bike!!

YAY FOR ELECTRIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “I couldn’t carry all this on a normal bike!

  1. I don’t understand. Isn’t there an electronic version of the directory?
    Can’t you purchase bottles of wine when you arrive places? Isn’t two bike chains rather extreme?

  2. Questions questions questions. 🙂

    Nope my work only had a hard copy version of the directory.

    The wine was for home. My supply for the week.

    Nar two bike chains isn’t extreme. I usually just use one, but I use two if I venture further than 500m from the bike. One for the front section of the bike and one for the back. You should see what they had in New York. Everyone wears massive fat chains across their shoulders. It’s either high prevention or insurance. Insurance is $10/month but I don’t feel like outlaying that as yet.

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